Scarlett of Soho

Scarlett of Soho is the first company in the world to offer designer eyewear as a subscription service. They empower users to change glasses anytime they want, with price plans starting from just £10 a month.

Scarlett of Soho was created because the experience of buying glasses cab be expensive, prescriptive, and simply just a hassle. They thought it could be better. Inspired by 18th-century Royal Optician Edward Scarlett – who happened to have a store in Soho – they are looking to make the service of eyewear more accessible. Just like Edward Scarlett of Soho popularized the use of arms on glasses before they were all the rage.

Get your eyewear basics, complete with prescriptions, delivered straight to your doorstep – whenever you want. Take a full week to try on from home for free without making wrong or forced decisions on the high street again.

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