After unexpected delay we are now back on track and will be updating this site on a regular basis. We are glad to see hundreds on new ratings received during that time and as a result of your participation, two more companies have left our “Best of UK” directory. Please keep your ratings coming so we can make this site one of the most useful resources in the UK online shopping.

Summer is finally here so we decided to concentrate more on holiday companies and will include both well known operators and a bunch of smaller but still very interesting online travel agents.

Thanks to all our visitors for your continuous support and suggestions.

Best Of UK


We want to thank all our active visitors for their help in making the Best Of UK website even more useful. As we always said, this website is made by us but run by you. After getting you feedback, reviews and votes, we have removed several entries and added many more new companies, that we think are fit for the Best of UK concept. Total number of entries is now about 400!

We have also made some changes based on popular requests:

  1. “Sticky” posts are removed from the main page and moved to the corresponding categories. A reason of being “sticky” is actually a number of positive votes received from you. But many people wrote to us asking to keep the Home page of our website for the newest posts only. So it is done.
  2. Pagination. We have updated our pagination system so now you know how many pages are in each category and can move between pages without constantly clicking “older” or “newer” posts buttons.
  3. Category sorting has been changed to alphabetic which we think is the most appropriate way. It also has all “sticky” posts from our Hall of Fame instead of the Home page. Home page is sorted by date so the newest entries can always be seen at the very top.

Best Of UK


Today is another landmark day for the Best Of UK Directory. We have now an active listing of 300 companies! It should have been 15 more, but you have voted them out so we have taken their pages down.

Our aim is actually list 1,000 companies and to keep this website only for the Best of the Best in UK online business.

Best Of UK


Today’s update is a result of an email exchange with one of our visitors. He asked why we are not including giant household names like Tesco or Argos? We replied that everyone actually knows them and including biggies in this directory is not something that gives much extra information to our readers. But he simply replied that he wants them included because people might be interested in rating and voting even for the most well known companies. We can’t argue with that! So from now on companies like Tesco or Argos are included in our directory as well.

Best Of UK Team


Today is important day for all Best Of UK team. Our site climbed from just a few visitors per day to 1,000 unique visitors per month in just 50 days. We want to share this news with all our visitors and we want to thank you for your continuous support and all ratings and comments you leave.

The Best Of UK directory is created by us but it is run completely by you. You decide which company goes to the top of the list and which one is removed from the directory. Let’s work together to make this website useful to all online shoppers.

Thank you!

Best Of UK Team


BestOf team was very busy in February as well. We have implemented two more important additions. First one was a result of numerous emails received from our visitors regarding special offers. From now on the latest special offers will always be on the top which is going to make navigating our BestOf website much easier.

Second additions is our own initiative. Best Of UK editors search the Internet for best of online merchants and offers. But some of the website we find are unique. By unique we mean that those website are selling something that you can’t find in any high street shops. So we have decided to add a new category to our website – Hidden Gems. Our editors will initially decide what to include in this new category. The only condition – product should be unique to the website. If you think any of our entries deserve to be included, please get in touch and we will consider the site you are voting for to be included in the Hidden Gems selection.


January was a busy month for our team. And we want to thank all our visitors for their ratings and reviews. Please, if you have a spare minute, do not only rate the company but write few words about it to help your fellow users to make the most informed choice. In January we have:

  • Added 170 new online companies
  • Removed 3 companies that received more than 5 negative ratings and reviews
  • Posted dozens of special offers and voucher codes
  • In total got more than 230 entries in our directory

Best of UK


We have decided to start this special news page today. It will incorporate not only what we are doing with this website and answer some of your requests and questions. Best of UK team will also post all the information which is not relevant to any other page in here. So for the latest news from Best of UK team and answer to the questions not covered in our FAQ, please check this page more often.

Best of UK

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