Mobility Plus Bathing

Mobility Plus Bathing is one of the UK’s leading provider of walk-in baths and showers.

As a caring family business Mobility Plus Bathing is offering the best products and service to meet our customers’ individual needs. They have excellent reputation as providers of quality, easy access bathrooms.

Mobility Plus Bathing range of walk-in baths and showers are easy to use, ideal for mobility problems and in most cases can be fitted within a few days, so you can enjoy the full use of your bathroom again. Every bath or shower purchased comes with a free toilet and basin, giving the customer a full bathroom makeover to enjoy in their later years. Customers can enquire for a totally free, no-obligation brochure through the website by filling in a simple form, and start planning their new bathroom with the handy ‘3 easy steps’ guide.

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Rating: 3.4/10 (224 votes cast)
Mobility Plus Bathing, 3.4 out of 10 based on 224 ratings
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  1. Over priced for what you get, poor after sales service. Had to call them back to repair a leak from the new toilet (urine all over the floor), installer had used old parts. Wrote several letters but never got a satisfactory answer. Took two weeks to repair and replace toilet and flooring. Think twice before using this company

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    Rating: 2.3/5 (4 votes cast)
  2. If I had a second chance I wouldn’t touch Mobility Plus to do anything very expensive price and to say that I had a free sink and toilet is a joke,the project manager is called Andy,another joke he is I should have money back from them because it took 8 weeks for job to be complete,do yourself a big favour and steer clear of them,good riddance

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    Rating: 2.5/5 (4 votes cast)
  3. This company is rubbish, overpriced and soon as they’ve got your money, which is on the first day the fitter comes they don’t care one bit, DO NOT USE

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    Rating: 2.3/5 (3 votes cast)
  4. Mum asked Mobility Plus to refurbish her downstairs bathroom with a walk in shower and basically turn it in to a wet room.

    A rather large price of £10,000 was agreed and half was paid upfront as a deposit.

    Mum was told that once started the job would take 6 days.

    Work was supposed to start on the 13th of October but started a day late.

    1 Workman came and went for the first two or three days but nothing actually got done.

    When mum called to complain and ask for her money back and to cancel the job she was told “You can’t pull out when most of the work is complete.” She informed them that all that had been done over the past few days was a base for the shower tray had been built (wrongly). They came out to see mum and were shocked at the lack of progress. They said there was still 5 to 6 days work but they couldn’t get anyone to her until the end of the week, maybe even the following week (this was a Tuesday).

    Part of the £10,000 fee was to pay for contractors to stay in local hotels, however, they chose to pocket the accommodation allowance and commute from 2 hours plus away meaning that by the time they got here each day half a day was lost.

    Mum was without a downstairs toilet for 22 days.

    After the floor was laid the plumbing sprung a leak which meant it all had to be ripped up and allowed to dry out for over a week before it could be relaid.

    10 weeks on the job is still not complete. The shower screen is not adequately fastened and is actually a health and safety issue.

    Mobility Plus have have stopped replying to emails and are no longer returning phone calls.

    Avoid this company like the plague.

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    Rating: 3.0/5 (6 votes cast)
  5. My mother had the sales person visit her, explain what she needed, and how much this was going to cost. they came when expected, and set to.
    Unfortunatly the finished result is not what was expected, the wiring is outside the main wall, and the plumbing from the wash basin, is totally visable, it was mentioned that my mother was not happy with the end result and was told there was not anything else they could do.
    I would not recomend these people at all.
    The price to me seems to very high and the end result is not as expected

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    Rating: 2.4/5 (5 votes cast)
  6. I asked Mobility Plus to install a new shower in our on suite
    1 We agreed a design with the rep – now sales Manager
    2 Surveyor – a senior manager in the company explained that the salesman had “made a mistake” and we would have to accept a different shower enclosure
    3 Ten days before installation the installation manager phone to say they couldn’t supply the design offered by the surveyor and arranged to repay a £4.5k deposit
    4 I wrote to the MD with my complaint suggesting that with such bad service they should pay interest on the time they held my deposit, the letter was acknowledged but not replied to.
    5 Four weeks later I again wrote to the MD asking for a reply – They say they didn’t receive the letter as it hasn’t been scanned into their system
    6 Four weeks latter I emailed the company saying that as they had ignored my complaint could I assume they didn’t mind if I posted my complaint online
    6 next day I received a call from Kevin a very senior manager at Mobility Plus who felt that they had provided a good service in that they had given me my deposit back. He said “they had done nothing wrong” and that compensation “definitely would not happen”. He would not admit that their service was less than perfect
    My experience with this company leaves me with a very bad feeling about this company and service they supply, and I could not in conscious recommend them.
    I have actually had my on suit totally refurbished by a local company – twice the work for 2/3 of the price

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    Rating: 2.2/5 (10 votes cast)
    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your problems. Comments like yours help to make this website completely unbiased and run by our visitors. We are now reviewing this entry for suitability for our “Best Of” directory.


      Best Of UK Editorial Team

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      Rating: 2.0/5 (4 votes cast)

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