Couple of days ago I wanted to document an event. The event itself was pretty ‘static’, a speaker and a whiteboard. I was thinking about making a video on my iPhone but… the event was about 1.5 hours and making a long video on iPhone… Have you ever tried it? First of all the battery will go flat pretty quickly and not only. Holding a phone still for an hour it’s no fun. I am not even talking about phone memory…

I decided to hit the web to find anything, that can help me. And I have found it! This simple tiny app allows you to o just that. Record sound and take occasional snap (whiteboard in my case). Then it simply renders everything into a synchronized narrated slideshow. there is no need to hold your phone upright all the time. The resulting .mp4 was very small, and iPhone charge was quite good for 1+ hour.

Not bad, not bad at all. I think that was one of the tools for a mobile journalism and blogging that I’ve seen in a long time. The app itself is free. And you can upload, store and share the files on the move. It’s really simple, press the record button and when you need, just take a snap.

Highly recommended! Goes straight into the hidden gems.

S.B. Internet Editor for BestOff

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