Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We receive many questions both from our visitors and from companies. It is becoming difficult to reply to all of them. Therefore we have decided to put together the most common questions and answers. Please read this before sending us your question, the answer might be here already.

Q. Who are you?
A. Bunch of Internet professionals, some of us are working with Internet companies for more than 15 years.

Q. Why another directory? Are you different?
A. Yes, we are. Best of UK is a directory we built ourselves. Unlike others, companies can not post in this directory. We only add entries about companies that we, our friends or families have used. All of us do virtually all our shopping online. Therefore you can find here anything from ski hire to Steiff Bears.

Q. Why most of the companies have high review scores?
A. Because you give them high score. No one can vote more than once from one computer and even one Internet account. And another reason is: our directory is called “Best of UK”, therefore if any company constantly receives negative votes or reviews from our visitors, then it is simply removed from the directory. Therefore we count on your help to keep the Best of UK as precise as possible.

Q. The company I’ve checked before is not there anymore. Why?
A. See above. We remove on average 3 entries a months that receive constant negative reviews and low scores.

Q. Are the companies on the front page paying you to be on the front page?
A. No. We have 5 companies with the highest score on our front page. And the score depends on your votes. Companies belong to our “Hall of Fame”.

Q. I want to advertise on your site, can I do it?
A. Get in touch, let’s discuss options.

Q. We are an online business. How can we get included in your directory?
A. Get in touch. Send your website address so we will check and come back to you.

Q. Should I have a large established business to be included in the “Best of UK”?
A. No! We love “hidden gems”!

Q. Can I get my company on your front page?
A. Sure. Contact us, get approved and … get enough votes for our “Hall of Fame”. This is the ONLY way.

Q. My comment is not there. Why?
A. Spam? We are receiving so many spam comments that we had to implement vigorous protection. Do not put any links in your comments and you should be OK. If you still think that your comment is relevant but not published – get in touch and we will check it again.

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