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To be honest, I was reading something on the net about encryption. As a PGP fun for the last 20 years, I am pretty much skeptical about other softwares. Still using the command line… But one thing that started to bother me is sharing encrypted files. As my circle grows and I outsource few things, I wanted to send the docs securely to several places at the same time. Well, send is something from a (not so distant) past, these days it is called “share on a cloud” and give access. Giving access to an an encrypted file is sort of a nightmare. Looks like this: remove the file, open a decrypted file, add another user, encrypt again, upload, share. I don’t like it! What if I need to share with some other member from my team, outsourcer, client, you name it! Should I plan everything upfront? If I only new it upfront…

But let’s cut this thing short! This free soft does just what I want. You encrypt the file once, upload it and then just add any number of new users through your dashboard. Or remove a user. You do not re-encrypt it. That’s it. How they do it – I don’t care, I am not a cryptographer. It is some sort of a proxy, I guess. Still, you can check their website for more info at besafe,io

Well done! Saves me some hassle. Editors are not allowed to rate, but I will give it 5 stars for starters 🙂


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