Welcome to the Best of UK Website!

We have decided to put a very special directory and are aiming do include on the best of UK online merchants, the best of UK special offers and the best of UK voucher codes all under the roof of our site. Unlike other directories we have included many “hidden gems”, online merchants that are not the household names yet but still provide either exceptional value or products that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Why do we think that this website will be different from many other directories? Simple, because we will choose ourselves who to include and we will not give any “featured” positions to any advertiser. Best of UK will also rely on your continuous support and input. Have you found a new voucher code? Are you aware of any special offer not available elsewhere? Please come to the Best Of UK website and share it with others. But remember, we have a very strict “no spam” policy in place. If you think that you can bypass it, think again. Everything is moderated not but computers but by our moderators.

Also unlike other directories we are not only growing everyday and featuring a seasonal shops, but also have several comparison pages for you to Compare Car Hire, Compare Flights, Compare Holidays, Compare Hotels and even Compare Mobile Phones. And this is all under one “roof”

We also want to ask all merchants featured on this website to give our visitors the most exclusive offers available online. These offers will be published regularly. Just scroll down the comments section of the merchants to get the latest deals. Unlike others we do not want you to “click here to reveal” the latest voucher code.

Best Of UK directory will not only limit itself by advertising products. We are also planning to include many services like insurance, finance and similar.

The current economic situation requires very cautions approach to service sector, especially when it has something to do with finances. Your feedback for this category will be especially valuable.

If you are a merchant and want to be included in our directory, please use “Contact” form and let us know about your products or services.

Are we going to include huge companies like Amazon, EBay or similar? Well, they are included but we don’t really want to give descriptions for them. It is difficult to imagine that there are still Internet shoppers that haven’t heard of them. Therefore our policy would be to include even the supergiant Internet retailers but limit the information to just their latest and best special offers. To show the whole list of offers from, let’s say, Amazon would probably take us the whole week of just typing. And by the time the offers page is ready they will most probably have newer and better ones. Just check the links on this page and see what they have on offer today.

Also we are testing specialist seasonal shops. By seasonal shops we mean a selection of products chosen by us or provided by the merchants in our directory. That will include Christmas, Valentine, Mothers and Fathers Day and many other occasion shops. This is what we want to achieve and this is where we will need your participation. Please give you feedback visit the Best Of UK website more often.

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